Births, marriages, anniversaries, celebrations or simply a beautiful proof of love that we can give every day without any reason by proving that the little touches that some things we hold dear. Give the finest gifts to the person you love. A bracelet or necklace is a personalized gift that will surely delight. The possibilities are endless, you can add text, a name, a name, a year or date of birth. We suggest you hang up seven little hearts on your bracelet or necklace. All these little pendants hanging on your bracelet or necklace you will say: I offer these few hearts to tell you that I love you as love. Birth gift, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Christmas, birthdays, all occasions are good to say I love you to your lover or your lover and give him a personalized jewelry.


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These some hearts are for you, to say to you that I love you as a love.


Heart. I love you as a love


flo mon chaton, mon chou, je taime
mais c'est mon doudou à surprises! qu'il est doux doux doux!!
PETIT BOUT Je t'aime
Estelle c'est la plus belle =)
Estelle c'est MON petit bout =)
mon amour chak jour avc toi é un tel bonheur ke g tjs peur ke ca sarete mé je c kon finira nos jour ensemble
thierry je t'aime
Je t'aime Jules
cc mon bb je t aime de tous mon coeur et a la folie
jtm kiss me mon amour baby you
Je t'AIME ma princesse
rita jtm a la folie bisou mon amour
tu es mon petit coeur à moi ma berny
je t'aime et t'aimerais toujours mon ti chou ma vie t'es dédié
tu es le seul, le vrai, le grand amour de ma vie... je t'aime
je taim
je suis fou de toi marine!!!!
Je veut te dire un truc depuit longtemps:JTM FOR FOR FOR MA CECILE !!!!
mon coeur je t'aime


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